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Hey yall

This is your future queen of the penguins. Darn skippy that they are taking over the world... it's about time. I don't know if you guys know this, but it is actually the giant killer Nazi Quails who are out to get you all. As you can tell by my s/n i love the penguins. they are the coolest dudes in tuxes. But i see what you're saying about bush and the other men. Our lives are all going to hell in a hatbox!!!
BTW, my name is Kay and if you want to know who the heck i am, just read my personal info... so yeah,
Luv yall,
The future ruler of the world
your queen of the penguins
(and of all the band geeks in Nv *or as some of us call it, the BFE of the US*)
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Welcome to our community that has not been posted in in like... ever(scientifically proven to be any amount of time greater than 6 months). In our silence, we proudly exclaim our love of penguins.